Schenk Wealth Management

The Trending Value Portfolios

Systematic Investment Management

Cash Stewardship Model

A portfolio of bonds, alternatives, and cash equivalents providing a low risk alternative to GICs and savings accounts.

ROR: 3.82%

Risk Level: Low

Pension Portfolio

A diversified portfolio of leading company stocks, global bonds, and alternatives providing stable, long-term growth and income.

ROR: 8.17%

Risk Level: Medium

Growth Portfolio

A portfolio of leading global company stocks with the goal of maximum absolute returns and active risk management.

ROR: 11.09%

Risk Level: Medium-High

Focused Growth Portfolio

A more concentrated portfolio of leading global company stocks that achieves maximum absolute growth and downside protection.

ROR: 13.86%

Risk Level: Medium-High

Data as of Sept. 21, 2020