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STANDUP Advisors was founded with clients in mind. The team’s goal is to make the world a better place by using products and strategies that are based on research and evidence to produce superior client outcomes. Accordingly, we feel that low-cost, broadly diversified products are the best tools to help people reach their investment objectives. Too often, advisors use either products that are too expensive for what they deliver (reducing returns needlessly) or individual securities that are too volatile (increasing risk that could otherwise be reduced significantly).

By combining low-cost, broadly diversified products with personalized and comprehensive planning at a reasonable fee, our clients can focus on their most important financial goals. Too many people are getting questionable advice and paying too much for investment products. If you’re currently working with an  advisor who is stuck in the outdated paradigm of picking expensive actively managed mutual funds on the premise that past performance will continue in the future, you need to know that there is a better way. The time has come to STANDUP to the Financial Services industry by challenging tired and unproven value propositions by meaningfully moving to a more evidence-based outlook. Old school advisors are a significant part of the problem and we’re determined to work arm in arm with investors to be a part of the solution.

The people at STANDUP Advisors believe the financial services industry can do better.  We invite you to set up a meeting so we can show you how.

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Personalized Portfolio Management

People often ask about the STANDUP image.  The metaphor is simple: investors need to STANDUP for their portfolios – and advisors need to demonstrate and stand up for professionalism if they are going to stand out.  The concepts of integrity, transparency and a commitment to client service are hallmarks of what STANDUP advisors do.

How can you enjoy life when you’re occupied by worrying about the markets, your financial future, and the future of your loved ones? Our objective is simple: we strive to remove your financial worries so you can live the life you want.  Clarity builds confidence, which ultimately provides comfort.

Much of the financial services industry is based on old-school sales techniques and presumptive value propositions.  For instance, several studies have shown that portfolio cost and portfolio turnover are two of the most reliable determinants of long-term expected performance, yet many advisors spend little time considering these factors.  Meanwhile, evidence is clear that past performance is not a reliable determinant of future returns, yet many advisors recommend products based on the past performance of those products.  Truly Professional (STANDUP) advisors do not hide how much products and services cost.  Any business based on trust should be transparent enough to explain how much things cost so that clients can make informed decisions about whether they are receiving value.

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STANDUP’s Value Proposition

We use best of breed products and make sensible, practical recommendations for accounts of all sizes.  This includes pension-style portfolio management at a reasonable cost with access to products that are often unavailable to retail investors – especially those that are not accredited.

The specialty portfolio building blocks include offering memorandum products, mutual funds offered by Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) and standard mutual fund products available at a reduced cost due to buying as a discretionary portfolio manager.

The services include personalized, written wealth management reports and financial independence calculations that incorporate reasonable assumptions and actionable recommendations.




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