Investment Approach

First and foremost, at STANDUP Advisors we see ourselves as managers of risk.

An Investing Policy Statement governs each client’s investment approach. It serves as a “blueprint” or “constitution” that controls the working essence of each client relationship.

As an investor, your goal is to either build wealth or protect the capital you already have. We believe that using a highly disciplined and controlled procedure is the best method to secure and compound our clients’ wealth.

We utilize the following investment concepts regardless of where you are in the process:

Diversified Portfolio Management

We concentrate on diversifying portfolios based on a range of characteristics such as corporate sectors, firm size, geography, and the most important asset class.

Risk Management

Our strategies are designed to be less volatile than the market as a whole. During times of market stress, this gives clients added peace of mind.

Taking Ownership 

We believe that any investment should be considered as a long-term strategic commitment with a particular role. We do not trade actively and you might not see many changes in the short term. Disciplined trading activity, we feel, is part of how true wealth is built over time.

Keep Your Objectivity

To ensure that we are getting information from a varied variety of sources, we use research from numerous third-party companies. Many of the principles we apply are validated through peer-reviewed academic research, many of which have gone on to win Nobel Prizes.

Wealth Management

An investor’s ecosystem can have many moving parts. Whether the client is a business owner, a foundation seeking to find a balance between giving now and maintaining their legacy, a professional with a busy practice of their own, a multi-tasking parent or a retiree with an active personal life, they can be distracted or diverted by their day-to-day activities.

Consequently, many clients have expressed that they need guidance in orchestrating their complex financial affairs. In this context, STANDUP Advisors often assume the role of “Quarterback” for a team of related professionals, such as lawyers, accountants, estate planning specialists, executors, among others. 

While we provide our clients access to many of these professionals directly through our team and firm, we are also happy to collaborate with professionals outside our network in instances where there is a pre-existing relationship with a client.

This coordination role is ongoing for each client and often involves ensuring all blind spots and factors are considered when thinking about complex concerns such as estate planning and wealth transfer.

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