Meet the Team

Working with the wealthy, but also with others

The members of my team are trained to help with all matters associated with comprehensive wealth management.  Specifically, Brian Smythe oversees all administrative matters, include getting online access to view account values in real time for those who want it, customizing retirement income projections, setting up all monthly contribution and withdrawal plans and processing RRIF payments.  Zeeshan Saeed is helping me with my social media profile, strategic planning and product due diligence.

Both Brian and Zeeshan are licenced advisors and both will be taking on new clients of their own. As a result, even though my minimum account size for new clients working with me is $500,000, Brian and Zeeshan are taking new client families on a non-discretionary basis with $100,000 to invest. Please tell your friends!

Many people fear that their friends and family might not qualify as clients based on minimum account stipulations.  Taking accounts of $100,000 through other members of the STANDUP Team has made us more accessible than ever before.  Everything else about what we offer (fee structure, recommended products, available services, etc.) is the same.  All we’re doing is taking a formula that already works very well and making it more scalable.  We are open for business.  In fact, the STANDUP Team was built with the express intent of having enough practice infrastructure in place so that new clients of all sizes and walks of life would be able to enjoy a consistently high level of attention and service.

John DeGoey

John DeGoey

Senior Investment Advisor & Portfolio Manager

My life’s purpose is to promote better financial decision-making, and improved professionalism and transparency to teach, persuade and advocate for others so that financial decisions can be made based on informed consent and evidence-based information.  I am a thought leader who challenges the status quo by offering workable alternatives and promoting a realistic vision of what is possible.  I do this through practice and advocacy.  I have a dream: professional status for both financial advisors and financial planners. Until then, I aim to show the world that giving financial advice to retail clients can become more professional than ever before.

I have over a quarter-century of experience as an advisor to professional and wealthy retail clients.  In that time, I have built a strong reputation for client responsiveness and helpful advice.  I am one of only about 70 planners to be awarded a FELLOW OF FPSC distinction, one of only a handful of advisors to be named as one of Canada’s Top 50 Advisors on multiple occasions and one of only 8 people to be awarded the Donald J. Johnston Award for my lifetime contribution to financial planning in Canada.  Over the course of my career, I have had the privilege of meeting with such industry giants as Nobel laureate Robert Shiller and industry icon John Bogle.

Brian Smythe

Brian Smythe

Investment Advisor

Brian is the lead Associate who deals with all administrative and operational matters to provide friendly, personalized service.