The Shape of Things to Come

For nearly half a year now, pundits have been offering their viewpoints on what the Coronavirus means for both investors and the broader economy.  Many have taken to offering prognostications regarding the shape of the eventual recovery.  While I find these viewpoints amusing (my personal favourite is the “square root”

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Cost Matters – But Does Your Advisor Care?

Perhaps the most conspicuous disconnect in the financial services industry today revolves around cost.  It should be noted at the outset that the cost paid by a client comes in two forms – the cost of advice and the cost of products used to construct portfolios.  Both matter a great

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Advisor’s Alpha

One of the great debates around the investing world revolves around the extent (if any) to which advisors add value.  Many in the media say the number is either small or negative. Many advisor cheerleaders say the number is substantial.  Everyone should be skeptical.  What follows is my unscientific assessment

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Connecting Dots

The distinction between solid analysis and wonky forecasts can be tiny.  As a Portfolio Manager who has spent more than his fair share of time dealing with the media, I am highly mindful of the need for the fifth estate to look for controversy as clickbait.  As the saying goes,

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Advice Quicksand

I have a question for you.  How many people do you suppose end up getting worse financial results than they expected simply because they believed and followed an advisor who insisted they “could do better”?  For years, I’ve been speaking with my fellow advisors and getting the impression that many

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