The Most Under-Owned Asset Class

Pretty much every serious investor has a favourite investment thesis or theme that they employ.  Many of these are mainstream, which, by, definition, means that a number of people do something similar.  One such theme is to invest disproportionately in either dividend paying stocks or stocks that have a history

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Behave Yourself!

I seldom write about specific products, but every once in a while, something comes along that makes me take notice.  So much of the product universe is cluttered with knock-offs and me-too versions of pre-existing ideas with one or two minor variations.  As a result, there have been relatively few

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Vanguard Outlook for 2020

I hope you’re sitting down.  No one wants to hear this, but it really needs to be said.  Ready?  Here goes: your return expectations for the foreseeable future are almost certainly too high.  They may even be shockingly high.  Our friends at Vanguard recently released their outlook for 2020 and

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