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Market Musing: Housing Market Highest in 13 Years

Market Musing: Housing Market Highest in 13 Years

There have been a lot of interesting developments in the last year that have stimulated the economy, and in our opinion, one of the most important economic indicators new home starts has had a great move up.  Household formation is a primary ingredient for a strong economy.

Source: Bloomberg

The fed cut interest rates 3 times in 2019 and the stock market has continued its record bull run, the economy is now reflecting even more good news, and the core to the economy is strengthening.  Demographically it’s important as millennials begin to form households and have children.

Source Bloomberg, Stuchberry Group

Basically, the economy remains strong, and household formation which is the single largest consumption item is strengthening, it continues to show a strong consumer and confident economy.  Housing is a large contributor to GDP so we should see continued strength.  Times are good.


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