Why Us

Customized Managed Wealth

We offer a Customized Managed Wealth experience through a team of experienced professionals with 50+ years of combined service in the investment industry. As your wealth grows and your goals change, we continue to adapt to your needs while following a disciplined investment process.

See below for how we fit in with your wealth management needs, and how we differentiate from your typical bank or financial planner.


  • Template investment mix
  • Investments limited to in-house mutual funds and GIC’s

Financial Planner

  • Provides basic retirement planning
  • Often uses insurance products
  • Investments limited to mutual funds and robo-products

Investment Brokerage

  • Provides investment advice for a variety of investment products
  • Generally offer products, not process
  • Often has a broken alignment structure

Portfolio Manager

  • Manages several portfolios for all clients
  • Portfolios are not customized for the client or their financial goals

Customized Wealth Management

  • Custom Portfolio construction
  • Family Tax Planning and portfolio planning
  • Income Planning and projections
  • Live Risk and Cash Management
  • Integration with your bank and accountants
  • Philanthropic planning
  • Alternative Investments

Added Client benefits

We are committed to providing the best client experience we can and strive to achieve this in innovative ways.

As an added benefit for clients who have substantial investments with us, we are providing full digital healthcare coverage via the Maple platform, getmaple.ca. Annual memberships for Maple are complimentary from the Stuchberry Group, and give our clients on-demand access to Canadian doctors from the comfort from their home.


To get started with us, please give us a call at 1.800.332.5586 or email [email protected], or click the blue chat icon on the bottom right of this page to start a Live Chat with an advisor.