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Meet the Team

As a team, our strong ability to collaborate together sets us apart. Using this approach, we ensure our clients receive the best possible advice and service throughout our relationship. Barill & Company is the team you want for building confidence in your future.


Dan Barill


Investment Advisor

You probably wouldn’t think “nurturer” as a word that comes to mind when describing someone who leads a team that advises business owners, entrepreneurs, and their families, but Dan can’t help but be that way. He’s practical, sensible, a businessman, and simply cares about helping his clients get what they want. You’ll know what we mean when you meet him.

Dan is in his third decade advising multigenerational entrepreneurial families. Residing in Sarnia, Ontario with clients in several provinces, he brings a unique perspective on financial goals that help clients maximize confidence in their future.


Jon Palumbo

BA, DipFServ.

Investment Advisor *Mutual Fund Restricted

Words that describe Jonathan’s interests and passions in a nutshell: rugby, reservist, criminology and anthropology, Ford, past funeral director, financial advisor. He competes, serves, loves to hear a good story (and tell them) is systematic, empathetic, and helps clients plan. Jonathan has over a decade of experience working with professional corporations and future focused families in several provinces. Residing in Sarnia, Ontario he is highly active on several charitable and not-for-profit boards in addition to founding an acclaimed charitable cycling race.


Graham Bell


Investment Advisor

You don’t go far in life if you’re not dedicated. Graham knows this firsthand having played hockey, golf, soccer and baseball at a high level, and then having gone to school with a golf scholarship in the USA. He believes that the only way you succeed is by seeing what needs to get done, and the doing what it takes to tirelessly live up to the promise. It’s how he did so well at sports, and how he cares for his clients. Graham’s experience allows him to apply his knowledge in helping clients gather clarity and put together financial models for their future with confidence. Like his clients, he understands that consistency and focus can be defining. Very close with his family in Sarnia, Ontario, Graham continues to mentor athletes and is involved in a variety of community projects.


Nick Stokley


Associate Investment Advisor

He’s always done well behind the scenes, and if you want to understand the idea of someone “having your back”, then you need to meet Nick. Responsible for operations and ensuring things go smoothly in the business, Nick organizes, coordinates, and quietly makes everything work for the team’s clients. Residing in Sarnia, Ontario, Nick is involved in Big Brothers at several levels and supports a variety of community projects.