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Where’s the Money Coming From?

You think retirement will be easy until you realize you have more sources of income to manage than your old paycheck and they don’t communicate to each other about tax implications. What can you expect and from where?

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Tax-Free First Home Savings Account

Tax-Free First Home Savings Account The First Home Savings Account (“FHSA”) was introduced in the 2022 Federal Budget to address the increasing difficulty Canadians are experiencing in buying a first home due to rising real estate values. The FHSA is intended to help Canadians save and fulfill their dreams of

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Ok Moneypenny, It’s Time for Bonds

We have always been taught that diversification is good, as is being defensive in a difficult equity market.    In past, this has been mostly true but in the last few years that didn’t really help and here’s why. Bonds Bonds have been an integral part of a diversified investment portfolio

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