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Experience. Expertise. Independence.

At Coastwood Private Wealth, we use our experience and expertise to help our clients reach their financial goals, achieve their dreams, and live the lifestyle they want.

We help our clients to understand the financial implications and empower them to make the right decisions for themselves and their families.

We are a team of financial experts who work together to create a plan specific to the needs of each individual. We work with our extensive network of providers to develop a working strategy and execute that plan, with confidence in knowing it’s the right approach for you.

Coastwood Private Wealth is there to assist you with your financial priorities at every stage of your life, providing an unbiased, in-depth approach encompassing all aspects of wealth management.

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Platinum Private Portfolios

A monitored, unified, managed account with access to world-class money managers diversified across geography, sector, and investment type.

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Advice and Managed Platform

A holistic approach that combines advice from a registered portfolio manager with discretionary wealth management by advisors who meet high industry standards.

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Advice Based Platform

An option that focuses on providing advice about managing wealth for clients. Advisors fee is based on portfolio value rather than commissions.

Coastwood Private Wealth delivers

Forward-Thinking Solutions tailored to your unique circumstance to provide peace of mind, now and for the future.

Our advisors are entrepreneurs who value an independent approach to investing and wealth management. We cultivate a holistic approach that puts clients first.

The Coastwood Private Wealth team has the experience needed to provide a comprehensive perspective on wealth management.

Together we have decades of stability, trust, and success.


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