Dave Yanick


Senior Wealth Advisor, Portfolio Manager

With nearly 30 years of experience in private wealth management, Dave Yanick understands that he’s not just managing a family’s portfolio; he’s looking after a vital aspect of their lives.

He helps clients cut through the ‘noise’, find the truth, and achieve financial success. Dave’s there to solve problems and look after the day-to-day basics so his clients can get on with the business of enjoying life.

Dave and his team work with clients to create truly personalized wealth strategies that run from basic needs to complex goals, focusing on sincere service and unquestionable integrity.

Dave is a respected advisor to families, businesses, institutions, and charities across Western Canada. 

When enjoying his free time, you can find Dave playing golf with his partner Sue and their great friends, and spending lots of time with his four-legged walking buddy Enzo.