Our team deals with a small group of professionals and their families who, among other things, aspire to a work optional lifestyle. We provide clarity, comfort and insight to the financial world of our clients and their families by using a process honed for almost two decades. Our team will spend the time necessary to address your financial concerns, and develop a foundation that you can build your families future around for generations.

How We Work With You

You have worked hard for your life savings. We have developed a process to help you deal with five main concerns: Achieving a Work Optional Lifestyle, Protecting your Lifestyle, Estate Planning and Philanthropy, Educating your Children or Grandchildren, and Maximizing your Tax Efficiency. To that end, it is important for you to know how we plan, how we personalize and how we maintain a proactive relationship with you and your family. If you are unclear about what your current plan is, please feel free to book a time to chat and we can see if we are a good fit.

Planning as a Process

Our solutions are tailored to your unique situation to bring you peace of mind, now and for the future. Planning is a process and will drive our professional relationship. This process will result in a personalized plan that will give you peace of mind now and for the future. If you currently have no clear plan in place to meet your needs, please feel free to reach out and we can see if we can add some value to your future.

Personalized Wealth Management

Our team deals with a small group of successful professionals. This small group of clients allows our team to personalize your wealth strategies to ensure that your goals can be met. There are no cookie cutter solutions. If you feel that you are using cookie cutter solutions to your wealth, please feel free to reach out for a chat and we can see if it would benefit you to take a more personalized approach to your wealth.

Proactive, Predictable Contact

We believe in good service. We also feel that as a client, you should receive value for your money. With that in mind, part of our process is to set up a flexible schedule for meeting regularly. Those meetings will update you on what has happened in your portfolio, where we see things going, and how you have progressed towards your goals. If you do not hear from your advisor at least four times a year, please feel to reach out and we can discuss how we keep in close contact with our clients.

Your Life Stage

We deal with professionals and their families at all stages in life. We will personalize your plan based on the unique needs of you and your life stage to allow you the comfort and clarity to enjoy life and not worry about your finances.

Start with a Conversation

The first step of our process is to have a conversation. This will give you a chance to meet our team and better understand what our process is like, and how it can serve you. If you feel that your current advisor is not a good fit, or you would just like to see what we are all about, please send us a message to book a time for a no obligation conversation.