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At Gold Seal Financial Group, we are committed to providing a truly comprehensive wealth management experience for high-net-worth individuals, families, businesses, foundations and not-for-profit or charitable organizations. Our award-winning, fully independent team has over twelve decades of combined experience working at the largest firms in Canada, and we are dedicated to offering top-tier financial planning and portfolio management services tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Personal Service, Institutional Expertise

For the team at Gold Seal Financial Group, it’s not just financial planning or investment advice. It’s the privilege of showing up and building trust with our clients, our communities and the organizations that support them as we work towards life’s milestones together. We’ve built a practice combining world-leading accreditations, top-tier wealth planning expertise and fully customizable strategies not so our clients can invest with us, but so we have the tools to fully invest in them.

Experience the Gold Seal Difference

Our team-based approach to wealth management is built on a foundation of financial planning and driven by our core philosophy: investing should be a means to an end. By creating a financial plan for each client, we ensure a focused, goal-oriented approach that avoids common investor mistakes, such as taking on too much risk or chasing the latest investment fad. By using our clients financial plan as a guide, we construct a portfolio that tells your own, personal story- not a headline.

Meet Our Expert Team

Our team of advisors and associates boasts an impressive array of credentials and experience in various aspects of wealth management, including corporate branch management, financial, tax and estate planning, corporate tax and succession planning, and cross-border wealth management. Our collective credentials include CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®, Chartered Financial Analyst, Chartered Investment Manager, Certified International Wealth Planner, and Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute, with a cross-border licensed advisor on the team.

A Tailored Approach for High-Net-Worth Clients

We understand that high-net-worth clients require a holistic wealth management approach that addresses tax-efficient cash flow needs driven by objectives and clear goal articulation. Our diverse skillset allows us to service a wide range of investor profiles, including business professionals, doctors, dentists, business owners, retirees, and multi-generational families.

Our typical client requires investment solutions beyond the standard cookie-cutter funds or models, including both public and private securities and alternative strategies to meet their more complex needs. We’re the quarterbacks of your financial team, and we work closely with our clients’ lawyers, accountants, and other professionals to develop strategies that ensure their final wishes are met as tax-efficiently as possible through intergenerational wealth transfer opportunities.

Geographically Diverse Clientele

Through our affiliate Wellington-Altus USA Inc. (WAUSA), we are also able to offer discretionary investment management services to U.S. residents and have a number of clients south of the border.

Gold Seal Financial Group is here to provide you with the ultimate wealth management experience.

Discover the Gold Seal Financial Group advantage today and start your journey towards a truly comprehensive and personalized wealth management experience. Contact us now to learn more about how our award-winning team can help you achieve your financial goals.

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