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Financial Stability During a Recession

By Tanya Wilson, BBA, CFP®, CIM®, FCSI®, Senior Wealth Advisor & Portfolio Manager

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The past few years have demonstrated that guidance from a trusted financial advisor has never been more valuable. Substantial data shows that families are significantly better off financially when they utilize the advice of a financial advisory team and have a comprehensive plan in place. Clients of Gold Seal Financial Group at Wellington-Altus Private Wealth know this to be true, particularly during times of significant disruption. Over the past two years, most of our clients shared appreciation for their trusted relationship with us as it gave them confidence and peace of mind during troubling times.

Was this time different? We’ve all been through market corrections and some challenging periods in the economic cycle (for example, the ‘Great Recession’ in 2008). What made the COVID-19 pandemic – and the following recession – so different is that investors had not one, but two “risks” they were mentally dealing with – financial and health.

My team at Gold Seal Financial Group understands that we play a crucial role as financial advisors. We are the equivalent of financial first responders, working to provide critical information and advice during difficult times. Sometimes, our clients need a sounding board to help prevent them from second-guessing their current plans. Market downturns can significantly change clients’ goals, outlooks, and near-term retirement activities. All these things can require vital adjustments to their written financial plans, including cash-flow projections. Over the years, our team’s efforts have given our clients increased control over their financial future, lower stress, and a positive focus.

In every market environment, we want our clients to always look to their future with anticipation, not apprehension. We set ourselves apart with this goal, articulated through written financial plans, safety through proactive management, and strong relationships.

Every client should have a written financial plan. This becomes the blueprint for all financial and investment decisions in their lifetime. Before deciding on an investment strategy, every investor needs to know their required rate of return. This answers the questions “Why are you investing?” and “How much do you need to make?” Your required rate of return helps us design an investment strategy that aims for you to live a comfortable life both now and in retirement, to leave a legacy to your heirs, to achieve your philanthropic goals, and much more.

With a financial plan, your investment strategy has greater purpose. It provides necessary guidance for attaining your goals, even during troubled market conditions. During past recessions, our client’s number one concern was whether they will be able to retire on schedule. We have been able to demonstrate to them that a recession changes nothing. The “safety nets” we implement through planning have protected them during even the most volatile times, even a global pandemic. This approach provides invaluable peace of mind.

Safety nets? Tell me more. Our team believes that proactive management of risk is of utmost importance. It’s often easy to make money when the markets go up but challenging to avoid adverse outcomes when they go down. We focus on measured risk, consistent returns, and effective execution in all market conditions. We also prioritize alternative investment strategies that are not correlated to the stock market and work to minimize volatility in investment portfolios. The result is an investment experience aiming for less downside and enhanced absolute returns.

To us, relationships are key. Every family we work with has a unique financial situation, and their financial plan reflects this. During good times and hard times, we value the trust that our clients put in us to always be there for them, to guide them, and make them feel safe. For our team, this is what we enjoy most – an authentic relationship with our clients built upon a common goal to help them live a worry-free lifestyle.

If you have concerns about your financial stability, given the current market conditions, get a second opinion. I am happy to offer a complimentary, no-obligation review of your unique financial situation.

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