Lion's Gate Private Wealth Counsel

About Us

We are proud of our ability to adapt to changes in the financial world. Our strength is built on two pillars: the range of our credentials and our more than 80 years of combined and varied experience. Our extensive backgrounds in banking, investments, financial planning, and insurance, as well as our strategic partnerships with top Canadian and U.S. tax and estate planning professionals ensure that we create clear and successful strategies for our clients.

The days of one advisor doing everything are behind us. Because we are a team, not solo advisors, you’re always covered. No matter what you need, or when, we’re there for you.

Your Lions Gate Private Wealth Counsel team has one objective: To reduce your financial worries so you can achieve financial security for you and your loved ones now, and for future generations to come. “it is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that matters, to keep you moving in the right direction, to achieve your goals”

Our Investment Philosophy

We believe in responsible growth. We are optimistic that stock markets rise over time, but recognize that markets decline at any time, for many reasons.

By participating in positive markets while protecting capital on the downside, we can create a smoother investment experience.

Our Services

Asset Management

Advisor-managed discretionary portfolios provide new products and opportunities, less paperwork, and quicker response time to market changes.

Estate & Legacy Planning

We turn your final wishes into a plan and help you create a legacy.

Tax Planning

Effective tax-minimization for personal and corporate investments improves your growth rate and decreases the need to rely solely on investment returns.

Debt Management

Determining the best use of debt in the creation of wealth.

Why Choose Us?

The Portfolio Manager (PM) designation, held by less than 5% of all investment advisors in Canada, offers an enhanced measure of wealth management and requires the highest level of education and experience in the investment industry.


Without having to ask the question, “who should we call first?” PMs can execute fair and unbiased trades efficiently to ensure all clients benefit equally from market opportunities

Tax Planning

Certain investment choices and strategies offered by a Portfolio Manager provide you with potential tax advantages that can optimize your accumulation of wealth now and in retirement


A PM’s fiduciary responsibility means they are legally bound to act with a high standard of care, honesty and good faith and always first and foremost in your best interest.

Peace of Mind

The investment policy statement sets the foundation for the Portfolio Manager to align with your specific needs. They follow regulatory standards and strict investment discipline that offers added security


In addition to monthly and quarterly reports required by industry regulations, Portfolio Managers can provide a supplementary report that offers consolidated views of all your accounts

Our Credentials

Credentials matter. That’s why successful investors recognize the importance of education and knowledge when it comes to managing financial assets.  


Chartered Investment Manager


Chartered Financial Analyst


Certified Financial Planner