Pejovic & Associates Private Wealth Management

We are a team of experienced wealth management professionals directed by two Senior Portfolio Managers, Petar
Pejovic and Milos Pejovic. We work in close collaboration to benefit our clients with dedicated financial planners, a
senior investment associate, and several other specialist advisors.

Our services include professional private wealth management, financial planning, tax efficient investing, will &
estate planning, retirement income planning, business succession planning, and inter-generational wealth transfer.
Our clients include high-net-worth families and individuals, corporations, foundations, and non-profit charities.

Our team’s discretionary customized portfolio platform offers solutions to investment goals that clients want to
achieve. Using conservative asset allocation strategies that are blended with consistent quantitative rebalancing
strategies, our approach is both unique and effective.

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Forward-Thinking Solutions

Our solutions are tailored to your unique situation to bring you peace of mind, now and for the future.


Client-Advisor Relationship

We believe the advisor-client relationship is one based on trust and unbiased advice. We work with you to build a plan and an investment strategy that meets your life’s goals.


Advice + Managed Platform

A holistic approach that combines advice from a registered portfolio manager with discretionary wealth management by advisors who meet high industry standards.


Traditional Brokerage

A commission-based brokerage option for clients who want to participate in their investments, whether corporate new issues, syndicated capital raises, individual stocks or bonds.

Holistic Wealth Advice

Wellington-Altus Private Wealth advisors are entrepreneurs who value an independent approach to investing and wealth management. It’s an approach that puts clients first.

Experience + Independence

Our founding team at Wellington-Altus Private Wealth has a comprehensive perspective on wealth management. They represent years of expertise, consistency, stability and trust.

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