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Market Commentary

January 2024 Update

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December was another strong month for stocks, propelling U.S. indices and many companies to new all-time highs, as we expected. The “breadth thrusts” we noted last month amplified into extreme buying pressure, with over 90% of S&P 500 stocks closing above their 50-day average price by mid-December. Historically, such intense buying pressure is seen at the dawn of new bull markets, suggesting strong momentum ahead.

From here, various statistical data we track strongly suggest that strength begets strength, and so we anticipate continuing gains through 2024. For example, since 1945, when the S&P 500 closed at a new all-time high after at least one year without one, the average 12-month forward return was 14.8%, positive in 14 of 15 cases.

Looking ahead, we see continued economic strength, particularly in the United States, driving corporate earnings higher. With interest rates remaining below restrictive levels, substantial election-year government spending on the horizon, and robust employment figures, the upward trajectory of economic momentum continues to build. Should central banks opt for cut rates in 2024, as some predict, our data suggest the potential for even stronger market performance. The future belongs to optimists.

Model Portfolio Highlights

Growth Portfolio
In December, we exited Lightspeed due to its increasing volatility, resulting in a negligible loss. We reposition the proceeds into two companies: Boyd Group, an auto-repair company, and FirstService, a residential property manager. Both companies have long track records of consistently strong free cash flow growth. Currently, Boyd is making new all-time highs, while FirstService is making new annual highs.

American Growth Portfolio
In December, we secured a large profit on Spotify, a modest gain on Starbucks, and incurred a loss on Align, which breached our loss threshold. We reinvested the proceeds into ServiceNow, which helps companies digitize their operations, and Intuit, better known as the holding company for TurboTax, Mint, Quicken, Mailchimp and other apps. Our new positions have increased the total free cash flow growth of the portfolio, which we expect will improve our long-term return potential.

Income Portfolio
We made no changes to the holdings in December.

Small Cap Portfolio
In December, we sold Vecima at a loss after it crossed our loss threshold. We replaced it with Sangoma Technologies, which manages cloud-based communications for businesses. Despite the substantial decline in its share price from its 2021 highs, Sangoma has consistently shown an upward trend in cash flow growth. We believe this is an opportunity to acquire shares at an undervalued price point.

Across all portfolios we look for mispriced opportunities, considering only those with a significant margin of safety and minimal risk of permanent capital loss. After identifying such opportunities, patience is the most important factor in realizing our expected long term return.

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