The Mahrt Investment Group

The Mahrt Investment Group specializes in discretionary, segregated portfolio management for high net worth individuals, holding companies, trusts/estates and foundations. We focus on delivering a superior experience with a deep understanding of our client’s needs and financial aspirations. We manage investments and build strategies that are designed to prudently grow capital while managing risk.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

The Mahrt Investment Group provides the overall strategy and security selection for your portfolio based on you long-term needs. As your personal investment manager, The Mahrt Investment Group will execute all trades on your behalf in a timely and efficient manner. This frees you from the day-to-day management of your investments and allows Rod and his team to react quickly to market opportunities. First and foremost we consider ourselves managers of risk.


We apply a research-intensive investment process and approach investing with the mindset that we are taking a long-term position in our portfolio companies. Our core positions have a multi-year time horizon, limiting turnover.


A relationship with us begins with a private conversation. We listen to clients articulate their needs, goals, and priorities, and partner with them in developing a strategy to achieve their most important aspirations. Our detailed wealth management approach considers- retirement planning, investment management, estate planning and trust services, education planning, wealth preservation and transfer, tax planning and legacy giving.

Fiduciary Responsibility

The Mahrt Investment Group embraces their fiduciary responsibilities when tailoring investment portfolios to reflect shifting political and economic realities. Fiduciaries have a legal & ethical duty to act solely in another party’s interests, typically with the care of money or property.

Holistic Wealth Advice

Wellington-Altus Private Wealth advisors are entrepreneurs who value an independent approach to investing and wealth management. It’s an approach that puts clients first.

Experience + Independence

Our founding team at Wellington-Altus Private Wealth has a comprehensive perspective on wealth management. They represent years of expertise, consistency, stability and trust.