How We Invest

How We Invest on Your Behalf

We begin with the knowledge that every client is unique. That’s why our first step toward managing your wealth is taking the time to truly understand your personal investment goals, tolerance for risk and financial needs both today and in the future. We then work closely with you to build a customized investment strategy that supports your vision, adjusting for any changes that may occur over time.

This unique approach extends to our investment selection criteria. We have the freedom to offer best-in-class opportunities from around the world, completely objectively and unconstrained by the limitations placed on many advisors. We utilize our extensive investment experience to evaluate global equity, fixed-income, managed and alternative strategies and use them to tailor a well-diversified, risk-managed portfolio especially for you.

Our work with affluent investors has taught us that most value integrated financial planning considerations such as financial security, tax efficiency and transparency in addition to attractive returns. With more than 75 years of combined investment industry experience, we can help you make the informed investment decisions necessary to protect and enhance your wealth.

The Waterfront Group Difference: Alternative Investment Expertise

In today’s investment environment, traditional portfolios comprised of stocks and bonds have left many investors wanting.

On one hand, ultra-low interest rates have eliminated the income component of many lower-risk bond options. Attempting to fill this gap with dividend or growth equities, however, magnifies the risk that an unpredictable market downturn will negatively impact your portfolio, potentially at an inopportune time.

We can help by offering our clients exclusive access to alternative investment opportunities that provide enhanced returns without the need to assume excess risk. These products tend to provide steady, consistent returns that are unaffected by traditional market movements, and include investments in private equity, private loans and mortgages, private debt, direct real estate investments such as apartment buildings and student housing, hedge funds and special opportunities.

We carefully evaluate each of these opportunities for their risk and reward potential, and present our clients with the options best suited to their overall investment plan. Many of our clients are invested in a combination of alternatives investments, traditional equity and fixed-income investments according to their individual needs.

The Waterfront Group is proud to be recognized by Wealth Professional Magazine for our skill in the alternative investment space, and to bring that expertise to our clients.