Tipping Point Wealth Management

Wealth Is NOT Simple

As much as wealth can bring joy, it can also be intimidating and create unexpected challenges of its own.

We counsel successful clients to support their financial aspirations by identifying actionable and quantifiable opportunities that others may miss.


Identify your Tipping Point

The Tipping Point is where the equilibrium is suddenly tilted in your favor, or the point at which you achieve mastery after years of hard work.
We believe the Tipping Point represents several concepts within wealth management:

Financial Freedom

  • The point at which you become independently wealthy, allowing you to adjust your decision-making process
  • The point at which you can retire, with the freedom to enjoy it

Goal Focused

  • The point at which you have a plan in place, as opposed to guessing about the future
  • The point at which you can pay for your children’s/grandchildren’s education
  • The point at which you can purchase the vacation property of your dreams

Re-Thinking Risk

  • The point where you understand your capacity and willingness for risk
  • The point at which your behaviours no longer control your financial outcomes

What we do

Our Offering

  • Discretionary Global Investment
  • Planning (Retirement, Estate, Insurance, Tax)
  • Behavioural Coaching
  • Exceptional Service

Our Process

Learn -> Analyze -> Present -> Discuss -> Execute -> Repeat

Our Why

We Believe

  • Clear and consistent communication is the only communication you deserve
  • Investor behaviour is the largest risk to successful investing outcomes
  • Having a plan, and a team that can execute on it, are crucial to positive outcomes
  • The concept of risk goes well beyond our portfolio
  • Speculating is gambling, investing is becoming an owner of quality businesses
  • Luck is out of our control. Poor results can occur despite making the right decisions; good results can also come from poor decisions. Not understanding the difference leads to major behavioural errors

Our Values

Integrity, Transparency, Humour, Respect, Education, Humanity

If our values are aligned, we would love to hear from you

Who We Are

Tipping Point is run by a team of dedicated and experienced professionals. We look forward to discussing how we can help to identify your Tipping Point.