Mariotto Wealth Management
Mark Mariotto is a Vice-President, Senior Investment Advisor & Senior Portfolio Manager at Wellington-Altus Private Wealth. As a Portfolio Manager, Mark takes his fiduciary role very seriously. Being a Portfolio Manager allows Mark to provide independent, proprietary investment solutions that reflect current political and economic realities. Mark views himself first and foremost as a manager of risk. Each client, whether individual or institutional, starts with a personalized investment strategy that is carefully outlined in their Investment Policy Statement. This blueprint provides the structure on which the entire portfolio is built upon. Mark has over 23 years in the financial services industry and holds multiple titles including the Certified Investment Manager designation. Michelle McWatters is Mark’s long-time assistant. Michelle has worked in various roles in the financial services industry for over a decade. She has been working together with Mark for the past 8 years, with a couple of breaks in between to start a family. Together they form Mariotto Wealth Management. Mariotto Wealth Management uses a 7 pillar process to design a highly personalized and proprietary investment and wealth management strategy for high net worth individuals, holding companies, trusts/estates, non-profits and foundations. When Mark is not working, you will find him spending time with his wife Helen and their 3 daughters, Sarah, Anna and Jenna. Mark also enjoys mountain biking, skiing or hiking the local trails and enjoys being active with his family.

Discretionary Wealth Management

The Mariotto Wealth Group provides an overall strategy and tailors a portfolio based on your needs. As your personal investment manager, Mariotto Wealth Management will execute all trades on your behalf in a timely and efficient manner. This frees you from the day-to-day management of your investments and allows Mark and his team to react quickly to market opportunities while maintaining prudent risk strategies and diversification.


A relationship with us begins with a private conversation. We listen to clients, articulate their needs, goals and priorities, and partner with them to make those needs a reality. Our detailed 7 pillar wealth management process considers all aspects of your financial needs, no matter what stage of life you are in.

Fiduciary Responsibility

A fiduciary must always put the needs of their clients first and foremost. They have a legal and ethical duty to act solely in another party’s interest. Mariotto Wealth Management makes this our paramount objective for our practice. This allows us to be truly independent and unbiased in our client relationships.

Traditional Brokerage

A commission-based brokerage option for clients who want to participate in their investments, whether corporate new issues, syndicated capital raises, individual stocks or bonds.

Holistic Wealth Advice

Wellington-Altus Private Wealth advisors are entrepreneurs who value an independent approach to investing and wealth management. It’s an approach that puts clients first.