Melnyk Wealth Management

Bringing expertise and financial guidance to the moments that matter most, creating financial freedom so families can live the lives they imagine.

Holistic Wealth Advice

All experts in their fields, Wellington’s Advanced Wealth Planning team assists in the creation of comprehensive plans beyond just investing.

Forward-Thinking Solutions

Our solutions are tailored to your unique situation to bring you peace of mind, now and for the future.

The Behaviour Gap

Investors are naturally wired to be the least rational when their financial well-being is its most vulnerable. Brock acts as a behavioural investment counselor so that clients can achieve better investment outcomes.

Client-Advisor Relationship

We believe the advisor-client relationship is one based on trust and unbiased advice. Brock works with you to build a plan and an investment strategy that meets your life’s goals.

Experience + Independence

Our founding team at Wellington-Altus Private Wealth has a comprehensive perspective on wealth management. They represent years of expertise, consistency, stability and trust.