Meet Your Team

“What sets us apart has a lot to do with service and contact. But more so, our flexibility in changing and adapting for the varied needs of our clients. Their dreams are our dreams, their worries our worries. Gradually over the years we have grown up with our clients, and our vision was born. Re-imagining a wealth management offering has allowed us to create a team that more fully serves our clients, their families and their goals.”

– Gord Love, Senior Wealth Advisor, Senior Portfolio Manager

Founding Partners

Gord Love

Senior Wealth Advisor, Senior Portfolio Manager

Sarah Jones

Senior Investment Advisor

Himalaya Jain

Senior Investment Advisor, Portfolio Manager


Maggie George

Investment Advisor

George Hurley

Investment Advisor

Henry Korenblum

Estate and Taxation Consultant


Ian Love

Investment Advisor

Noah Djurfeldt

Investment Advisor

Rocky Bellotti

Investment Advisor

Tasha Schwieg

Associate Investment Advisor

Investment Associates

Deanna Costa

Investment Associate

Stephanie Tong

Investment Advisor

Scott Thomson

Investment Advisor