Our Difference

Your Financial Stewards

Managing every aspect of your finances – from business to personal

Think of us as your family’s chief financial officer. We can help with your investment planning, retirement planning, tax planning, estate planning, charitable giving, education planning and to prepare for any financial situations you and your family may find yourselves in.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Find comfort in smart investment strategies that are tailored to you.

The Rosedale Family Office utilizes discretionary management to alter investment strategies and react to changing political, economic or investment climates. This helps our client’s portfolios capture market upside while ensuring an appropriate risk adjusted return.

Family & Business Wealth Advisory

Stay focused on personal, family or business goals with strategic guidance.

We work with our clients to learn their personal, family and business goals and help them stay focused on those goals with specific strategies to achieve them. This means constructing financial plans, navigating tax and estate planning, working through family and business succession planning, and ensuring budgets are adhered to. Our clients lives are complicated so we work with them to ensure their core financial goals are focused on and achieved.

100 Years Combined Experience

Feel confident in our reputation, expertise and reliability.

Our founding team at Rosedale Family Office has a comprehensive perspective on wealth management. They represent years of expertise, consistency, stability and trust.


Current State Assessment

Create a fulsome snapshot of your family’s current resources including family, financial and structural.


Strategic Planning

Determine your current, and future wealth goals. Create a realistic and tangible plan for achieving these goals.


Build Your Family Office

Construct your family office from the ground up depending on your specific goals and needs.


Implement Your Family Office Strategy

The activities we perform for our clients in this stage are as varied as their needs are. They could include: Philanthropic planning & foundation management, estate & risk assessment, overhaul of corporate structure, implement tax planning strategies, ongoing and proactive investment management, quarterly reporting and next generation planning.


Financial Planning

A life centered planning approach that helps you make sense of your financial situation. Serves as a guide and a road map for your financial life.


Business & Family Advisory

Our custom approach to business transition planning considers your family and business specifics.


Will, Estate & Trust Planning

Passing on your Wealth can be just as complex as building it. We help protect your legacy when you no longer can.


Investment Management

With a focus on asset allocation and capital preservation. We cut out to noise to deliver you superior capital appreciation over the long term.


Retirement & Life Planning

No matter what new phase of life you are entering, we help give you the peace of mind that you have the resources to handle all life’s twists and turns.


Tax & Risk Consulting

By helping you keep more, and protect against catastrophe, we help give you the peace of mind to know your future is secure.


Philanthropic Planning

Legacy and Philanthropic solutions that are as flexible as your goals. Designed to maximize your impact locally and globally.


Preserve and Grow Capital

“Return of Capital” is as important as “Return on Capital.”



We recognize that the trade-off between risk and return is dynamic over the course of an economic cycle.


Asset Allocation

We proactively adjust asset allocation to control risk and generate returns.



We achieve the benefits of diversification by allocating capital across asset classes and within asset classes.


Investment Style

We are value-oriented and believe that growth is attractive at a reasonable price.


Fundamental Analysis

We allow economic and investment research to guide our security and manager selection.

Our affiliation with Wellington-Altus and National Bank creates the perfect mix of independence and oversight.



We have no “proprietary” products, or outside influences.

We are “fee only” advisor which removes any and all conflicts of interest.

We operate with full and complete transparency; part of our job is to cut through the jargon of the investment industry.



At Wellington-Altus, you get the best of both worlds: truly independent objective advice with big bank safety. We have rock-solid financial stability with the security of a Schedule 1 bank. Clients can invest with confidence knowing that National Bank Independent Network (NBIN), a division of National Bank of Canada, ensures safe custody of all assets and performs our back-office services.

Wellington-Altus Private Wealth is regulated by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada and is a member of CPIF.