What Our Families Are Saying

Our entire reason for being is to help simplify the lives of the small number of families we serve. We know at the end of the day that we’ve accomplished our goals when we hear back from our families that it’s not just the returns we’ve helped generate but the balance in their lives. 

Brian & Brenda MacNeill

Retired Executive Family
Member of the Order of Canada

“We have appreciated the advice that Andrew, Kelly and the West Oak team have provided for us over the years. The returns that we have generated in our portfolio has only been superseded by the excellent work they have done from a tax, administration, and generational planning perspective. We have the utmost trust and confidence in the team, and truly appreciate being able to rely on them for their guidance.”

Allen and Joy,

Retired Executive Family

“We are fortunate to work with Andrew, Kelly and the West Oak team. They are a great group of professionals who exhibit the highest standard of professionalism, integrity and care for our family. We appreciate their capabilities to act as a central repository for all our financial affairs and be the one point of contact for us, as well as our adult children and grandchildren. They help simplify our lives and ultimately provide us more time to do what we enjoy, and with the peace of mind that everything is being looked after.

Our family’s relationship with Andrew, Kelly and their team began in 2005 when they began managing a portion of our capital. Over the years, they have expanded to become our full service multi Family Office, who not only do a great job managing our investments, but also proactively integrate the tax, estate, and administration for our family. We have also relied on them for guidance on softer matters such as the best approach to introduce and integrate philanthropy within our family, and assisting our grandkids to become educated about financial matters so they can be good stewards of capital themselves one day.

They are a team who sincerely strive to be the best for their clients, their firm and their community. We are always more than happy to recommend West Oak Family Office.”

Dr. Karen MacNeill

“My family has been working with the West Oak Family Office team for fifteen years, with the relationship beginning with my parents. From a personal perspective, they have assisted me not only with the management of my portfolio, but they have worked with me for financing opportunities, estate and tax planning, and managing concentrated positions within my portfolio.

Andrew and Kelly have been key advisors to our family, especially in assisting in areas surrounding tax and multigenerational planning, and managing aspects of our wealth that are both financial and personal. As a professional and parent myself, I understand the importance of not only educating next generations, but also passing down core family values. Both myself, and my surrounding family appreciate their objectivity, professionalism, attention to detail and most importantly, their unwavering support toward our family’s financial success.”


“I have been working with Andrew, Kelly and the West Oak Family Office team for nearly fifteen years as a personal client and founder of a private foundation. As my philanthropic objectives have evolved, they were instrumental in helping me create a private foundation, “Silver Gummy Foundation”, whose mission is to educate society in an effort to reduce violence, primarily sexual and domestic, and to cultivate self-esteem and respect for all genders.

Andrew and Kelly helped me through this process, and now manage much of the administration that comes with planned giving. Most importantly, their team created an investment mandate that is specifically tailored to the mission of the Foundation, only investing in companies that have a commitment to diversity, non-discrimination, and gender equality. Their integrity, honesty and support gives me the confidence to recommend Andrew, Kelly, and the West Oak Family Office Team”