Our personal expertise and insight into the financial landscape and how it might affect our West Oak families.

West Oak Family Office Style

Dedicated to the West

We are Andrew McQuiston and Kelly Demo, the founders of West Oak Family Office.

Together, we bring a differentiated approach that is more dedicated and integrated than what you would find with a traditional wealth management firm or team. This has all been done in an effort to grow and protect the capital of the families we serve, and to ensure successful outcomes across generations.

Why the Yield Curve Matters?

When making investment decisions at West Oak Family Office, we look to the signals from markets and the economy in order to avoid the noise that so many investors tend to get caught up in.

Tax Considerations for Vacation Properties

Owning second or third properties for personal use creates many fond memories and are great lifestyle assets whether it is with family and friends at the lake, skiing and hiking in the mountains, or playing golf through the winter in warmer climates down south.

West Oak’s Calgary: The Best Burger

If you have been following our ‘Best of Calgary, According to West Oak’ then you know how passionate we all are about food. We have a lot of great cooks and bakers on our team and so we thought that, in the spirit of lockdowns during this 3rd wave, that we would write a ‘home-made by West Oak’ article that focuses on the best burger!

Investment and Portfolio Management for High-Net-Worth Families

When it comes to investing, wealthy families typically have more options than mass affluent investors, which changes the way they can invest. Whereas mass affluent investors generally target retirement as their primary objective, wealthy families have the means to think in terms of how their wealth can, and may, impact their family and community for generation(s).

West Oak’s Calgary: The Best Coffee and Pastries

There is no shortage of coffee shops and patisseries in Calgary — you could probably get in an Uber blindfolded, ask the driver to stop anywhere, get out and only be a stone’s-throw away from one, or three, or more depending on the neighbourhood.

West Oak Investment Philosophy Process

At West Oak Family Office, one of our guiding principles is to make our families lives easier, and we achieve that by protecting and growing the wealth of the families we serve. Some of that protecting and growing relates to ways we can create efficiencies from a tax perspective to keep more capital within the family or the family foundation.

West Oak’s Calgary: The Best East Indian Food

It has often been said that Calgary is the biggest small town in the world. Or was it the smallest big city in the world? The simple truth is that in this city of 1.33 million we are all only separated by one degree, or so it seems. Everyone knows everyone and we all love to share our favourite parts about living in this beautiful city.

Philanthropy Becomes an Opportunity

Nothing brings a family closer together than a shared purpose over shared values. Foundations provide opportunities for teaching children and young adults about giving back while allowing philanthropy to become a family affair.

Higher Taxes Are Around The Corner

High-net worth families should be aware: Ottawa will be looking your way. This shouldn’t be seen as Doom and Gloom – but we’d be remiss not to acknowledge the numbers you’re seeing in the news.