What is a Family Office?

West Oak Family Office in Calgary

There is a fundamental difference between a wealth management offering and a Family Office. It won’t take long to figure out which is focused on the investment portfolio and selling their products and services, and who is focused on the long-term success of the family. Most wealthy families are used

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Financial Focus

Why the Yield Curve Matters?

Why the Yield Curve Matters? When making investment decisions at West Oak Family Office, we look to the signals from markets and the economy in

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West Oak Family Office - Philanthropy becomes opportunity

Philanthropy Becomes an Opportunity

Nothing brings a family closer together than a shared purpose over shared values. Foundations provide opportunities for teaching children and young adults about giving back

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West Oak Family Office Style

Dedicated to the West

We are Andrew McQuiston and Kelly Demo, the founders of West Oak Family Office. Our reason for being has always been to find better ways

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