West Oak’s Calgary: The Best East Indian Food

It has often been said that Calgary is the biggest small town in the world. Or was it the smallest big city in the world? The simple truth is that in this city of 1.33 million we are all only separated by one degree, or so it seems. Everyone knows everyone and we all love to share our favourite parts about living in this beautiful city.

This is the first in a series of articles that highlights some of our favourite places in Calgary. Places to eat, drink, relax, or buy that perfect bottle of wine. Welcome to ‘West Oak’s Adventures in Calgary’.

West Oak Family Office loves the work we do with our families, and we also love good food. We go out for lunch and dinner as a team a number of times a year, and we are constantly sharing our culinary experiences and figuring out new places to try – at least when COVID-19 restrictions allow. This last year has been a lot of takeout to the office and eating at our desks or distanced in our boardroom. Regardless, our team loves food and we know Calgary cuisine pretty well.

Prior to COVID, we started a pizza bracket challenge where everyone on the team chose their two favourite pizza places, 20 in total. Every few weeks we would order from two places and vote as a team, with the winner advancing to the next round. It’s still a work in progress, but we like Una’s chances. Truthfully, there are no real losers in this competition.

Recently the topic came up about ‘The Best Indian Food in Calgary’.

Unanimously, and passionately, everyone agreed that ‘Maharajah’ in Discovery Ridge was hands down one of the best they’ve ever had. It’s such a Calgary story too, a world-class international cuisine tucked away in a little strip mall, owned by a local family Jasvir Singh and his cousin Mahenderpal Singh who both immigrated to Canada in 2002.

Kelly Demo and Andrew McQuiston have both commented:

“My most favorite dish at Maharajah is their Chicken Korma. It has a delicious cashew gravy, tons of perfectly cooked and marinated chicken, and is filled with warm comforting flavours.” Kelly continues, “Paired with coconut rice and naan bread – close your eyes and you can escape to another world!”

Andrew has his favourites too. “Almost every Friday night at our house is takeout, and Maharajah is one of our absolute favourites. We all love spicy curry, and their lamb vindaloo is a must. We like to balance out the spice with a dollop of raita (yogurt with shredded cucumber). Slather it all together in a ripped off piece of garlic naan and you’ve got a flavour explosion!”

Maharajah Restaurant has been serving and delivering the best East Indian, Kashmiri & Mughlai cuisine since 2002. Prepared by Master Chef Jai Prabhat who came from the five-star Taj Hotel in Mumbai, and Chef Jagtar Singh, enjoy specialties like the naan breads, tandoori meats, Maharajah’s leg of lamb, and a variety of curries that are mild, medium or spicy.

The Maharajah Restaurant's Singh Family

Family-Owned ‘Maharajah Restaurant’

And if you stop by to pick-up an order on the weekend, you will likely be helped by Jasvir’s eight-year-old daughter, Japjot Kaur Brar, who helps her dad by keeping the restaurant running smoothly and the customers coming back for more.

We love working with our families to make their lives easier, and we will always support the family-run businesses that make-up our vibrant city. This is just one of our incredible finds, and we are grateful to share this place with you.

Next time in ‘West Oak’s Adventures in Calgary’ we’ll share with you our favourite coffee and pastry shops. Who doesn’t love a spectacular cup of coffee alongside a flaky almond croissant or a raisin danish? Stay tuned for our top picks!

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