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A Better Way to (Financially) Plan for the Future – A Conversation with Maili Wong and Dana Brooks


All progress starts with the truth. The truth gives you clarity to take the right actions towards achieving and maintaining a financially stress-free retirement and leaving your legacy.

Click to watch our webinar with Maili Wong and our Senior Wealth Planner, Dana Brooks to learn:

  • -> How AI enables us at The Wong Group to elevate your Wealth Planning process
  • -> How to get to your Work-Optional Life sooner
  • -> Retirement Cash Flow Planning: how much do you need to sustain your lifestyle in retirement
  • -> Charitable giving strategies before end of year

Gain clarity on what you can do next to help secure your path towards and during retirement and living a purposeful life!


Smart Risk Book

Book a Complimentary Consultation with Maili Wong, ranked one of Canada’s Top Wealth Advisors for two consecutive years or contact us to receive a complimentary signed copy of her best-selling book, Smart Risk: Invest Like the Wealthy to Achieve a Work-Optional Life.