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New Enhanced Trust Reporting Rules

Do you have a Jointly owned investment account with your name on legal title for any assets you do not have a particular interest in?

Reflections on Tennis and Investing

Tennis has become one of my favourite sports.  As both a tennis fan and investment manager, I’ve noticed commonalities that can lead to long-term success. Today, I’ll highlight

Maili’s Investment Insights Autumn 2022

Maili’s Invesment Insights: Coping with Volatility – Autumn 2022 The summer did not see much respite from the volatility that has gripped the financial markets.

Maili’s Market Update Summer 2022

Maili’s Market Insights: Weathering the Current Storm – Summer update July 2022 Happy Summertime everyone! As we enter the summer months, my team at The

Market Insights – September 2022

Waiting for Godot and passing the peak sagitta of the inflation and rate expectation arcs in 2022 Waiting For Godot is Samuel Beckett’s portrait of

Maili’s Market Update – June 2022

The global markets continued to be volatile in June, triggered by economic data and a 0.75% interest rate increase by the US Federal Reserve. During

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