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Create your own
Inner Circle Experience
with Maili Wong

Invite Maili to host a conversation about Smart Risk for the people you care about.

Step into an intimate
conversation about

Smart Risk.

Imagine sparking a dialogue about Smart Risk for your next Mastermind, investor friends, or even with friends + family.

The Smart Risk Inner Circle™ experience is designed to activate a conversation about a healthy and different way to think about risk.

Your group will leave feeling empowered to confidently apply the Smart Risk Investing Roadmap.

A dialogue, hosted by Maili, about taking Smart Risks that helps the people you care about beginning a journey towards greater financial success and lasting financial freedom.

The top 3

most requested Smart
Risk Inner Circle™
topics are:

Smarter Not Harder: How to Make Money Work for you

Can Money Buy you Happiness?

5 Smart Money Moves to achieving a Work-Optional Life

Now, more than ever before,
it’s time to think differently about risk.

the wong group

What people are saying about
Smart Risk Inner Circles:

Personally, I was so pleased that my closest friends and next generation were able to participate in the Smart Risk Inner Circle with Maili Wong. As a wife, mother and grandmother, when I look back over the years, I find that the time just flew by and when I was younger I never had the opportunity to think about a “Smart Risk Investing Roadmap”. We are a very lucky group to have had the opportunity to hear Maili’s perspective on investing, learn about the Investing Roadmap, and ask questions in a safe and relaxed environment. Thank you again for taking the time to have lunch with all of us.

Linda S. Retiree


Smart Risk Book

Book a Complimentary Consultation with Maili Wong, ranked one of Canada’s Top Wealth Advisors for two consecutive years or contact us to receive a complimentary signed copy of her best-selling book, Smart Risk: Invest Like the Wealthy to Achieve a Work-Optional Life.