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The alternative wealth management experience you’ve been searching for.

About Our Services

Wealth Management

The Wong Group uses an alternative Smart Risk approach to financial planning and investing, allowing you to reach and maintain your long-term financial goals. With unrestricted access to products and leading edge financial technology your portfolio is truly diversified, limiting volatility and enhancing returns.

Certification: Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Retirement Planning

Enjoy life now, and when you retire. And retirement should be free from financial stress, no matter how long you live. Our retirement planning strategies position you for a Work-Optional Life so you can focus on what matters most right now.

Certification: Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

Estate Planning

The Wong Group specializes in deepening client relationships across generations, with a broadened perspective of the unique issues that businesses and families face, including generational wealth transitions. Through our extensive experience with multi-generational family enterprise planning, we can help facilitate important family conversations and engage the next generation around topics such as wealth, legacy and philanthropy.

Certification: Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) for multi-generational business families


Peace of mind is knowing what to expect when the unexpected happens. The Wong Group designs tax-saving solutions for clients as an insurance tool. We work with you to plan and implement Life and Living Benefit Insurance as well as Corporate Insurance so you can put your mind at ease about the future.

Certification: Fully Life and Living Benefit Licensed
Insurance services provided by Wellington-Altus Insurance Inc.

Wealth Planning Specialists

Our unique approach



● Global expertise in portfolio management
● Discretionary investment management
● Financial planning
● Leading edge financial technology



● Clear client reporting for easier understanding
● Unrestricted product choices for optimal financial planning
● Time savings with a dedicated advisor who knows you
● Active portfolio rebalancing
● Simple path to Work-Optional Life



● Alternative Smart Risk strategy
● Client education in wealth matters
● Preventing clients from making costly mistakes
● Helping clients stay focused
● Offering trusted second opinion



● Multi-generational planning
● Business succession & transition planning
● Couples & family wealth consultancy
● Strategic philanthropy, foundations & charity
● Financial literacy for young family members

Our Value to You

When you partner with The Wong Group your financial future becomes clear. You get the tools to tap into our Smart Risk approach to wealth management and financial planning; an alternative strategy that builds resilience and leads you to financial strength and safety. Competence, Confidence, Clarity and Continuity are the pillars on which we build our value and promise to you.

Why The Wong Group?

When you trust The Wong Group with your wealth management, you’re choosing a sophisticated alternative to mainstream wealth management.

You’re putting your money in the hands of knowledgeable, experienced and professional financial advisors.

Our boutique firm has a history of combining data-driven insights with decades of industry experience to serve our clients’ needs for wealth management, succession planning, retirement planning, estate planning and investment management.

Every communication with our team instills confidence that we understand the complexities of the financial environment. We bring continued clarity on the path to reaching your ultimate goal of a Work-Optional Life.


Discover your path to financial strength and safety

As you near retirement, a lot of questions can arise about how you’re going to maintain your lifestyle once you stop working. The Wong Group provides clarity and answers, setting you up for a future free from financial stress and the ability to live a Work-Optional Life. Discover how in our Smart Risk Investing series.


We take the time to deeply understand your financial goals, values and mindset around your wealth so that you can have confidence to step into financial freedom and achieve the results that matter most to you.


Superior financial planning resources help us better analyze, assess and illustrate opportunities to achieve your wealth goals. Access to leading-edge financial technology enhances our ability to execute trades and make timely, well-informed decisions to improve your client experience.


You get clear client reporting, making it easier for you to understand your investments and fees. Our unrestricted product choices mean we can choose among investments for those that are most suited to you.


Our ability to plan across multi-generations, create business succession and transition strategies, and ensure you’re able to achieve your philanthropic desires, gives you the continuity you deserve.


Smart Risk Book

Book a Complimentary Consultation with Maili Wong, ranked one of Canada’s Top Wealth Advisors for two consecutive years or contact us to receive a complimentary signed copy of her best-selling book, Smart Risk: Invest Like the Wealthy to Achieve a Work-Optional Life.