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Market Insights – Global Outlook 2024

Global Market Update and Investment Outlook for 2024

Global equity and bond markets start the new year off positively, and to shed light on the outlook for 2024 you are invited to watch us interview Chief Market Strategist at Wellington-Altus Private Wealth, Dr. James Thorne PhD.

During this exclusive interview, we address several important topics, including the outlook for the Canadian and US economy, interest rates, inflation, geopolitics and how to position investments accordingly.

Click the button below to watch Maili’s interview with Dr. Thorne:

5:25 – Dr. Thorne’s views on inflation and what the central banks might do in 2024.
7:30 – Interest rates, deflationary impacts, Canada vs the US, economic growth and how innovation drives that growth.
11:00 – Bond markets and are companies feeling the stress around higher debt loads and default rates in 2024?
17:00 – Why it’s important to be owning investment assets, rather than cash, in 2024.
22:16 – What impact does the US Presidential elections have on equity markets?
35:20 – Dr. Thorne’s thoughts on technological innovation and blockchain.
43:30 – Summary of Dr. Thorne’s overall views on global equities, fixed income, real estate, and alternative assets in 2024 and beyond.


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